Matthew 5:9

By Rev. Dean Beaty    4/25/08


Have you ever thought it quite odd?

“They should be called the children of God?”

Think of the union between us and our Lord,

When into His family we bring strife and discord?


To think God would choose to call us His child,

When often we act as though we’re exiled.

When was the last time you darkened His door,

Worshiped the Lord, then came back for more?


If Christ is your Savior, then God is your Father.

Do you say Grace, or just do not bother?

If God forgot us for even one day,

Just like a vapor we’d vanish away.


Oh, what an honor, “A child of the King.”

The Creator of all calls us His offspring.

Unless your relations live in a zoo,

Then others who look should see Jesus in you.