By Dean Beaty  12/18/05
Another New Year is now at the door.
We’ll walk on new paths we’ve not walked before.
But we are not filled with worry or dread.
Our omniscient God knows all that’s ahead.
No trials of life, no worry or care,
Will God give His child that we cannot bare.
He knows are weakness, of dust we were made.
So just the right load upon us is laid.
“My yoke is easy, my burden is light.”
Yoked up with Jesus, the load is just right.
One more advantage will ever abide.
Yoked up with Jesus, He’s there by our side.
All our tomorrows, to us are unknown.
But not to our God, who rules from His throne.
So face the New Year with all confidence.
Trust in God’s care and His omniscience.