By  Rev.  Dean  Beaty   3/08/08

Some Christians are like soldiers with armor shining bright.
As armed and willing workers, they’re ready for the fight.
These need marching orders to send them to the fray.
And with God’s help and guidance, they’re sure to win the day.
Some Christians are like sheep needing to be led.
If they were sent to battle they soon would all be dead.
They need tender teaching, called, “Milk of the Word.”
When teaching them the Bible, some things they’ve never heard.
A Pastor is a Shepherd, to guide these different souls.
Both need preparation if they’re to reach their goals
And though it may seem strange, they feed on the same food.
To nourish so they’re healthy, a Shepherd must be shrewd.
These both may be together, sitting in a pew.
Remember, one’s a soldier the other’s just a ewe.
Both milk and meat must be dished out, so they are fully fed.
If meat’s the only offering, the lamb will soon be dead.
Shepherds must feed both of them.  Sometimes they’re hard to please.
That’s why a Shepherd’s calling is not a life of ease.
His training is extensive.  His studies must be broad.
But truly first and foremost, he must depend on God.