By  Dean  Beaty  6/25/06
(Patriotic Song)
There is a place of liberty With freedom’s glorious song.
There is a place of justice, where right will win o’er wrong.
A land sustained by blessings From God, our Lord above.
A land where we may preach the truth Of God’s great gift of love.
We pray O God protect our land from those who wish us ill.
We pray O God sustain us so we may do Thy will.
Sustain, protect, and guide us and teach us from Thy word.
Until we’ve spread the gospel, till all the earth has heard.
There is a place of sacrifice where Jesus died for men.
He shed His blood for all mankind to save their souls from sin.
A place of blood and suffering and yet of victory.
By faith in Jesus Christ alone, salvations full and free.
We’ve found our peace in Jesus.  In Him there’s victory.
With God’s great might we’ll win the fight,
For peace and liberty.  ---- Oh God, please keep us free.