By Rev. Dean Beaty    2/25/08


When Isaac was still young at home, God spoke to Abraham.

“Take thy son, thy only son, to offer as a lamb.”

This was by far the greatest thing that God could ever ask,

And yet he took the lad with him to do this mighty task.


And as they climbed the mountain side with wood and fire along.

The father knew to trust in God.   In this he must be strong.

With altar made and wood laid straight he bound him hand and arm.

With knife held high, he heard God’s say, “Do the lad no harm.”


There in the briars caught by its horns, God had prepared a ram.

The substitute speaks of our God and His own spotless Lamb.

His Son He gave our souls to save upon a cruel tree.

And if in faith we call on Him, from sin we can be free.