By Rev. Dean Beaty 4/5/08


Now Absalom was a spoiled brat,

He turned on his dad, now there’s a rat.

He thought he’d make a better king.

So a rebellion he tried to swing.


He murdered his brother out of revenge.

Now that’s enough to make one cringe.

The people’s heart he stole with charm.

Watch out David!  He means you harm.


His ego was huge, full of conceit.

His heart was black with sly deceit.

He told the people, “If I were king,”

“All your problems to me you’d bring.”


David had never told him, “No!”

And thus you reap just what you sow.

So Absalom started a big revolt.

To David’s heart ‘twas quite a jolt.


The pride of Absalom was in his hair.

But it became his fatal snare.

When fleeing his hair caught in a limb,

His pride became the end of him.