By Dean Beaty   4/30/03
I almost finished the race I ran.
I’ll say, “I’m doing the best I can”
I’m sure that God will understand.
What waits for me will still be grand.
But what if Christ had had that thought,
When on the cross salvation wrought?
“I’ve almost paid sin’s price in full,
Their garments almost white as wool.”
Would Christ have given second best?
Would He have quit before the quest?
It’s man’s soul that will be lost,
If Christ had not paid full the cost.
But from the cross we hear His cry.
In Greek the words, “tes-telos-ti”
It means, “It’s finished” “All is done.”
And victory over sin was won.
If Christ would bare this agony,
Finish the work on Calvary.
Then I must run to victory.
“Almost” is not enough for me.