By  Dean Beaty 10/07/02
Am I truly thankful, if the work of life I do,
As if by my own power, my purpose I pursue?
Forgetting that from God all life and strength do come.
Believing that my strength is the total and the sum?
Am I truly thankful, when throughout the working day,
I do the task assigned me, without a thought to pray?
To seek the strength and guidance, to do the given task.
As if there were no God to help me when I ask?
Am I truly thankful, when eer I work alone,
Without the Holy Spirit, as if He were unknown?
Choosing without guidance, the pathway I would take.
Doing in my own strength the work I undertake?
I am truly thankful, when God is brought in view,
Before I start my journey or try the things I do?
Relying on His strength to help me all the way.
I am truly thankful when with God I start my day.