Acts 5:1-6

By Rev. Dean Beaty   4/10/08


The early church had many trials, its future seemed unsure.

Persecution was everywhere and its people very poor.

Some sold everything they had and shared it with the rest.

Some gave all and some gave part, whatever they felt best.


Ananias sold some land and claimed he gave it all

The people thought that he was great.  It made him ten feet tall.

But Peter, being led by God, knew he did it just for pride.

When Peter asked him of his gift, Ananias lied.


It was his to give or keep but lying is a sin.

It was a scheme by him and her to take the people in.

They wanted praise but what they got was something else instead.

For God was grieved by what He saw and struck the couple dead.


If God would judge the same way now, as He did that day,

Not many folk would walk in pride if God dealt in that way.

But Godís not blind, He sees our sin and it still grieves His heart.

Do we give Him all our love or only just a part?