By Rev. Dean Beaty   4/1/08

Psalms 14:1  “The fool has said

in his heart, There is no God.”


Today is April Fools’ Day,

On someone else a joke to play,

But being a fool’s a serious thing.

Not a habit of which to cling.


God speaks of fools found in His word.

It’s not just that they’ve never heard.

But claim that God does not exist.

Or Darwin’s true, they might insist.


“The fool has said within his heart.”

“A living God, I’ll have no part.”

“No heaven, no hell, no God above,”

“I have no need to find His love.”


For sure this one’s a fool indeed.

To die a fool he will succeed.

When there’s a God who took his place,

And longs to save him by His grace.