By Rev. Dean Beaty  11/7/04
Are we thankful daily, for the love of God to man?
Sending the Redeemer to fulfill salvationís plan.
By His love He gave His Son to die on Calvary.
May I thank Him daily, for all His love to me.
Are we thankful daily that His Spirit lives within?
Present always with us, to protect our hearts from sin.
As our guide He teaches us, as on His word we feed.
May I thank Him daily in prayer, in praise, in deed.
Are we thankful daily that Godís word is in our hand?
It will never perish, for He promised it would stand.
In His word we marvel at the truths of love and grace.
May we thank Him daily, till we see Him face to face.
Are we thankful daily for His promise to return?
Do we watch intently?  For His coming do we yearn?
This is the Christianís blessed hope, to meet Him in the air.
May we thank Him daily, for His wondrous love and care.