Mark 4:35-41

By Dean Beaty  3/6/05

Just where do I go when Im overcome with care?
Do I bail out my boat, as my burdens I bare?
Do I look to myself for the strength for the day?
Or trust in the Lord, who directeth my way?
Too often Ive delayed to take it to the Lord.
Depending on myself, my labors I out poured.
And then the Lord in love, brings me to an impasse.
No further can I go and turn to Him at last.
I could have saved myself all the toiling and care,
If I had gone to Him and sought His help in prayer.
He was there all the time.  He was at my right hand.
If Id only asked Him, He would help me to stand.
Oh I thank Thee dear Lord, for your love and your care.
You have promised your own, that youd always be there.
May I turn first to Thee, when testing comes my way.
Letting you still my storm, turning night into day.