By Rev. Dean  Beaty  2/25/08


Ole Balaam was a foolish man who had a double  mind.

When God said, “Do not curse my own.”  A way he tried to find.

He first said, “No” and then said, “Yes.”  He was a real mess.

What happened next is very weird.  But true I must confess.


While on his way his donkey stopped, began to kick and balk.

When Balaam used his whip on him, his beast began to talk.

Then just as though it was not odd to hear his donkey plain,

He spoke to it like you to me.  He must have been insane.


The reason why the donkey spoke was what he saw ahead.

If he had taken another step, the prophet would be dead.

For in his path an angel stood with sword prepared to kill

Cause Balaam chose to disobey and go against God’s will.


If God can make a wild beast talk to warn him of his plight

Then we can trust His written word to teach us wrong from right.

The Bible says that we should read and learn His word each day,

And keep it hidden in our hearts to guide us all the way.