(Patriotic Song)

By  Dean Beaty   6/22/06  

  (1)  There’s a nations that God has placed,

   Right between two shining seas.

Founded by those who loved their God,

   And to worship as they please.


(1st Chorus)

Keep this nation strong and true,

   As we turn our hearts t’ward you.

From Thy word, may we not stray.

   In Thy paths Lord, lead our way.


(2)  Give us leaders who look to God.

   Give them courage, Lord to stand.

Seeking wisdom that comes from Thee,

   So that You can bless our land.


(2nd & 3rd Chorus)

Bring our nation back to Thee,

   As we pray on bended knee.

Give us peace and victory.

   We pray, Lord, keep us free.


(3)  Bless our nation, O God we pray,

   As we lift Thy name in praise.

May we turn our hearts back to Thee.

   For we’re in the end of days.