By Rev. Dean  Beaty  6/16/05

O, what a blessed comfort, that God makes no mistakes.
Though trials lead to sorrows, His own He’ll not forsake.
Recall, He is the righteous judge.  He always will do right.
Though now, there may be storm clouds. The future will be bright.
He has a plan and purpose, though hidden from our view.
By faith we trust His wisdom that He will see us through.
The paths of earth we walk today are tainted by the fall.
But these we’ll leave behind us, when we hear God’s final call.
Paths of faith are sometimes hard.  We long to see ahead.
But if we let the Savior lead, we’ll never be misled.
Returning to the comfort, that God makes no mistakes.
We trust His plan and purpose that our good He’ll undertake.