By Rev. Dean Beaty
Thereís a call thatís coming soon, coming closer every day,
When the saints are gathered up, to their home so far away.
The Lord will sound the trumpet that will call His own above.
Are you ready for His coming?  Do you know of Godís great love?
Do you know that Jesus died, shed His blood on Calvary?
Rose again from out the tomb, over death has victory?
He ascended to the Father, intercedes for you and me.
But He promised to return.  Then His blessed face Iíll see.
On the day that Jesus comes, our earthly bodies will be new.
Eternal life our great reward.  Our home in heaven is in view.
As the Savior is descending, coming back for you and me.
ĎTis the day of His appearing, blessed Day of Victory!