BY   HER  DAD   12/2/2007
One time her name was Carolyn Beaty.
I hope she likes that more than Sadie.
It was only missing one “U”
But she changed it to slippery goo,
That’s not to say that Clay’s not nice
Some think that Clay’s as” nice as rice.”
That’s old hat by now you know.
For now she has two kids in tow.
Raising kids and teaching school,
That goes to show that she’s no fool.
She keeps her house neat as a pin,
And does it with a sparkling grin.
The only problem to bring chagrin,
We only see her now and then.
But when we do it brings such joy,
We go to eat Chinese chop soy.
We miss you so that we could cry.
And envy Laura who lives near by.
When you get tired of being cold,
Just move down south before you’re old.