Luke 11:38-42

By Rev. Dean Beaty    4/24/08


Mary and Martha had Jesus in their house.

Martha was busy and scampered like a mouse.

Cooking and serving, her mind was in a whirl.

“Mary, oh Mary, where is that lazy girl?”


“There you are sitting at the Master’s feet.”

“I’m so busy, I have company to greet.”

“Lord, tell Mary to help, not sit and shirk.”

“There’s food to serve, get up right now and work.”


Jesus said to Martha, with kindness in His voice.

“Mary, your sister, has made a better choice.”

“While you are worried and somewhat over-wrought,”

“She’s learning God’s Word by everything I’ve taught.”


What Martha had chosen was not a sinful thing.

She felt that her work was service to the King.

Martha was busy with serving all the guests.

Mary was learning by choosing what was best.