Philippians 4:11
By  Rev. Dean  Beaty   3/13/08
“In whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.”
This is a lesson Paul had learned.  Satisfaction’s what he meant.
Being pleased with what God does, no matter what is sent.
In thankfulness and gratitude, a lot of time Paul spent.
If our goal is pleasing God, we are a different breed.
This concept seems so very strange, when all around is greed.
The problem is our daily wants are much more than we need.
So God gives just the right amount to help us to succeed.
Don’t seek for things that clutter up and just get in the way.
So many things we want today are only used to play.
Are they gold or precious stones or wood, stubble or hay?
Know which ones will just burn up in that great judgment day.
So many things we work hard for are lost.  They came and went.
The money and the hours you have, make sure they are well spent.
So separate your wants from needs and learn to be content.
Make sure the things on earth you hold, have all been heaven sent.