By Rev. Dean Beaty  2/21/06



When will the promised coming of the blessed Lord take place?

The day with awe and worship that I look upon His face.

Is that day approaching when the Savior will appear?

Each day just brings it closer.  Could it be this year?



The signs of Jesus coming all around us multiply.

Very soon we’ll hear the trumpet and be caught up to the sky.

The time of true repentance for salvation is today.

Do not count on some tomorrow, trust in Him without delay.



This life can keep us busy with pursuit of goals and plans.

We’re too busy for the Savior and the love that He demands.

Remember Jesus love you, as was shown on Calvary.

This great love that Jesus offers, last through out eternity.



One moment from the rapture and your fate will then be sealed.

Hell and heaven in the balance, what you choose can’t be repealed.

So hear the Savior calling for the sinner to repent.

Choose eternal life with Jesus or eternal punishment.