By Dean Beaty  9/26/04

Cowardess and courage are with us each day.

They walk in our footsteps; they’re not far away.
But there’s a message the Lord would have us hear.
“I will never leave thee.” “I’ll always be near.”
This message is needed for both young and old.
There’s never a time when we must not be bold.
God spoke to Joshua and gave him this key.
“Be strong and of good courage, for I am with thee.”
God called young Samuel, asleep in the night.
When he heard the Lord’s voice, it gave him a fright.
Encouraged by old Eli, “When God’s voice is near,
Say, speak to me Lord and thy servant will hear.”
David was but a youth when he faced the giant.
He challenged God’s men in words most defiant.
But David stepped forward and that without pause.
He said to his brothers, “Is there not a cause?”
Abraham was aged when he faced the test.
Cowardess or courage to give God his best.
With Isaac on the alter, Abraham said, “Yes,
I’ll sacrifice to God, how can I do less?”
Which will guide you when testing comes your way?
Cowardess or courage, which will rule the day?
Remember God’s promise to always be near.
Ask the Savior for help when ever you fear.