By Rev. Dean  Beaty 9/3/06


Dressed in white robes before the “I AM”

Washed and made clean by the blood of the Lamb.

Oh what a joy when our Savior we meet.

Crowns of our service are cast at His feet.


No other one is worthy of praise.

Honor and glory in song we will raise.

Oh joyous anthem this great host will sing.

Though out the ages His praises we’ll bring.


A crown of life for those who love Him.

Lord, help me to win this great diadem.

Crowned with righteousness, who love His appearing.

Lord Jesus I pray that that day is nearing.


This day is coming are you now prepared?

We shall be gathered to Him in the air.

The payment’s been made to cleanse you from sin.

He knocks at your door.  Have you let Him in?