By Rev. Dean Beaty  2/22/08


Though Daniel was a captive slave, he rose up through the ranks.

But every day upon his knees, He gave to God his thanks

His enemies were watching him and filled with jealousy.

They said, ďOh king make a decree, to pray to only thee.Ē


But Daniel could not do this thing, it was against his Lord.

They waited till they saw him pray, and bound his hands with cords.

The lions den would be his fate.  Heíd die within the hour.

These foolish men would soon find out, that Danielsís God had power.


And as the night went slowly by the king could get no rest.

He knew these jealous men were wrong and Daniel was the best.

And as the sun came shining in, he ran to see his fate.

Would Danielís God protect his man or would he be too late.


But God had sent His angel and the lionís mouths made tight.

And Daniel slept the whole night through.  He did that which was right.

But the fate of his oppressors was not the same at all.

The lions broke their bones apart, err they could end their fall.


So if the king forbids your prayer and you are faced with threat.

Just go ahead and do whatís right and pay to God your debt.

Sometimes the Lord will see you through and save you in the end.

If not it is a wondrous way your heaven to begin.