By Rev. Dean Beaty  2/22/08


David was the youngest son of Jessie’s stalwart clan.

But they had left to join with Saul to fight a giant man.

Only he was left at home to watch his father’s sheep.

What happened next on this sad day’s enough to make you weep.


All Saul’s army shook in fear the enemy was great.

He called them out to fight with him but no one took the bait.

Then David came to bring some food and saw what gave him pause.

Despite their fear and trusting God said, “Is there not a cause?”


So with five stones within his bag he faced the man alone.

But he would win the fight that day, for God was on the throne.

And though he took just five small stones he dared to stand his ground.

He only used one out of five to bring the giant down.


So when you face a mighty foe, your Father fights for you.

For God is there to help you give the enemy his due.

Do not fear though they may come with armor and with swords,

He showed no fear for this he knew, “The Battle is the Lord’s!”