By Rev. Dean Beaty  8/1/04
Dear Holy Spirit, by most Thou art unknown.
Through all the ages Thou dwellest by Godís throne.
Co-equal with God, the great God-head You fill.
Though by Thy nature, Thou art quiet and still.
Dear Holy Spirit, that dwells within my heart.
How thankful I am that Thou will not depart.
Thou art my comfort, my teacher, and my guide.
Gift of the Father, peace Thou dost provide.
Dear Holy Spirit, yet so misunderstood.
Quenching my thirsty soul as the Spirit from God.
Drawing the sinner, convincing him of sin.
The fruit of Thy nature, birthing it within.
Dear Holy Spirit, Thy heart can still be grieved.
When Thou hast prompted, and I fail to believe.
Thank Thee dear Father, Thy gift sent from above.
Filling all Thy own, with Thy great gift of love.