II Timothy 4:10

By Rev. Dean Beaty  4/7/08


ďDemas hath forsaken me, having loved this present age.Ē

Not much is known of Demas by which his life to gauge.

But this tells just about as much as we need to know.

Demas left the work of Paul Ďcause he loved the world so.


Not that he was wicked or could not do the chore.

But when it came to choosing he loved the world more.

To him the things of God were less important than his own.

He chose the things of pleasure now.  This Paul could not condone.


Take Moses for example, he chose to look ahead.

He could have been a Pharaoh but chose Godís work instead.

The paths of sin and pleasure may satisfy today.

But in the end are bitter and will pass away.


Choose what is eternal.  The things of God will last.

Moses chose on Godís side.  His rewards, this life surpassed.

Donít sacrifice the future for what you canít regain.

Choose for God and heaven.  Eternity will remain.