By  Rev. Dean  Beaty  2/22/08
Devotion is a solemn word. To love without degree.
For it is the very way that Christ showed love to me.
Withholding not, but gave His all to save my soul from sin.
Should I not give Him everything and where do I begin?
Should I devote my heart to Him and give it full and free?
If Im to love my Savior so, the way that He loved me.
No other thing, no other one must come before my King.
But I must give myself complete in every earthly thing,
Yet even as I say those words, my mind is filled with thought.
There is so much on earth I crave.  Its hard to withhold naught.
My heart is weak and yet I will to have it in control.
The Lord knows all and sees my plight, in making this my goal.
Sometimes I stumble on my way of giving God my all.
But thank you Lord, you do not fail to hear me when I call.
So I confess my love anew. I give my heart, oh Lord.
Please strengthen me in giving all my love to you outpoured.