From Pastor Grayís Morning Sermon

By Rev. Dean Beaty 11/13/05


There is a valley called discouragement.

Donít make it place where you pitch your tent.

Look for the exit that is provided by God.

Heíll direct you out by staff and by rod.


One thing is absent in that valley so deep,

Faith is not there, with its promise to keep.

You cannot please God when faith is not found.

Move out of the valley and find higher ground.


Dissatisfaction, with what God doeth provide,

Will cause us to wander away from His side.

What God has provided to meet daily need,

Was never intended to fill up our greed.


Satan will tempt us to look all around.

Making us search for what cannot be found.

Never content with what comes from Godís hand,

Desiring this world with its houses and land.


We are but pilgrims, our home is above

There we will dwell in the light of His love.

Donít be discouraged Godís preparing our home

And there for eternity weíll never more roam.