Philippians 1:9

By Rev. Dean Beaty     4/30/08


The greatest prayer by Paul here is found.

“This I pray, that your love may abound.”

“More and more in knowledge and judgment.”

His prayer, I believe was heaven sent.


More than all, that their love for Christ might grow.

That the Lord, through His Word they would know.

In knowledge, that with judgment Christ is known,

As one with the Father on His thrown.


Redeemer, Mediator, Holy One,

Savior of the world, God’s only Son.

Paul prayed our love will grow yet more and more.

Till we meet Him face to face on Heaven’s shore.


“Abound,” means “exceeding, and yet with more to spare.”

Our love for Christ, there is nothing to compare.

Is this the depth of our love for Christ the King?

The sacrifice that to Him we daily bring?