Don and Lou on Their 50th Wedding Anniversary

By Dean Beaty 


Think of all the memories spread over fifty years.

With most that bring us joy, but some that bring us tears.

And all the friends we’ve met, who still come by to call.

We’ve fifty years of springtime and fifty years of fall.


Truly God has blest us. His grace was always there.

Always watching over us with love and tender care.

The grandkids, oh what joy, they bring a youthful glow.

We love to see them come. We hate to see them go.


But these could never be without the love we know,

That binds our hearts as one, as promised long ago.

Fifty years means nothing. We’re here to make it last.

We’re working on forever. By now the dye is cast.


God speaks of heavenly mansions for those who know His love.

But He could make one less on streets of gold above.

You see, it’s very simple, just one instead of two.

And o’er the door will read. ”The home of Don and Lou”