By  Dean Beaty    12/03/05
The promises of God are never bound by time.
Though eons roll along His truths are still sublime.
But we are not like God we’re trapped in time and space.
So it behooves us all to run with skill our race.
God has given all a task that must be done.
There’s a path of life to walk, a race that must be run.
With only allotted years, this task we must complete,
If we would hear “Well done,” when e’er the Lord we meet.
We must redeem the time for evil fills our days.
Give to God our all, in worship, work and praise.
Today is when God calls, so don’t procrastinate.
Tomorrow may not come.  Don’t wait till it’s too late.
Work while it is day.  Live in the present tense.
Trust in the Lord above with faith and confidence.
One thing that is for sure when morning breaks in dawn,
Opportunities we have had in yesterday are gone.

”The one thing that you can count on in tomorrow,

Is that today will be gone.”  Dean Beaty