John 20:19-29  By Rev. Dean Beaty   3/10/08


In the evening of the same day Jesus rose out from the tomb.

The disciples met in fear.  They were together in a room.

Even though the doors were shut, Christ came into their view.

And speaking words of comfort, said, “Peace, be unto you.”


Thomas was not with them, but they told Him, “He’s not dead.”

But Thomas, call the Doubter, questioned everything they said.

“Except I see His hands and side, his death I will still grieve.

Or thrust my hand into His side, till then I’ll not believe.”


Eight days past by before the Lord appeared to them once more.

Again He came into their midst but did not use the door.

Then said He in words of love, “Come touch my hands and side.”

“My Lord and my God. was all he said.  His doubts were put aside.


Though Thomas had the privilege to witness this great scene,

Just listen to what Jesus said to those who’ve never seen.

There is a gift for everyone who by faith the Lord received.

“Blessed are they that have not seen and yet they have believed.”