By Rev. Dean Beaty  2/26/08
Elijah knew that Israel was sinning day by day.
Baal, whom they worshiped, had turned their hearts away.
Though it was just an idol and his followers a fool.
Elijah had a clever plan to denounce them with a duel.
“Whoever calls down fire, from their god up on high,
He will be the only God to whom we will comply.”
The prophets of the idol thought they would win no doubt.
And so they danced with fervor, began to cry and shout.
They could not bring fire because their god was stone.
But Elijah prayed to God on high, alive upon His throne.
To answer him by fire so everyone might see.
That He was God Almighty throughout eternity.
The fire came down from heaven in answer to his prayer.
The prophets of the idol were all killed right then and there.
But this is not the end of Elijah’s fight that day.
Threatened by the wicked queen, Elijah ran away.
The remainder of the story and knowing how it ends
Will take another poem so read it too dear friends.
Just learn this mighty lesson, when trials start to bare.
We can trust God fully to give answer to our prayer.