By Rev. Dean  Beaty  2/26/08


When last we saw Elijah, a vict’ry he had won.

But Jezebel had threatened him and he was on the run.

Since he had won the contest, the question was now, “Why?”

He sat beneath a juniper and wished that he could die.


He fell asleep, but God could see that he was in despair.

So God dispatched an angel quick to feed Elijah there.

So strengthened by the angel’s food he traveled forty days.

But his complaint you won’t believe.  Just let me paraphrase.


“There’s no one left to fight for God, I’m all alone you see.”

But God told him, “Don’t gripe and moan, I’ll win the victory.”

“I’ve thousands more to stand for me who have not bowed to Baal.”

“Get up, be strong, Elisha comes, with him I shall prevail.”


Sometimes God’s man gets wearisome, contending in the fight.

But we can rest assured God has no limit to His might.

Remember what young David said when faced by giant’s sword.

Whether we are tired or fresh, “The battle is the Lord’s!”