By  Papaw   7/15/06
I know if Shelle could have her way,
She’d keep them young another day.
But we could not, this way confine.
So Eric Charles is turning nine.
Already now he’s in the chase,
For second man around the place,
Fixing things to some extent,
At least he tries with confidence.
I never saw a more sure guy,
One thing you know, at least he’ll try.
He started out in this great art,
By taking all the grates apart.
No doubt the car will need be tuned,
Just like the apple tree’s been pruned.
If we can direct this tendency,
It might lead to affluency
What nine more years will bring, who knows?
But no doubt great, is my suppose.
With mother’s love and dad’s strong hand,
By God’s great help he’ll turn out grand.