By  Papaw
Noise and clamor, touching this and that.
Watch out, or get hit by a swinging bat.
Cowboy or Indian, heíll be either one.
Just as long as heís got his own gun.
Total confidence, he can do anything.
And do it better and that with a bang.
Heís not afraid to strut his own stuff.
And if he canít do it, then he will bluff.
Just put a saw in this boyís hand.
There wonít be a tree upon the dry land.
Even Paul Bunyan could not have done better.
Iíve never seen such a constant go-getter.
Of attributes, Iíll mention one other.
He fancies himself as a great lover.
Heíll marry them all, from Ann to Flossy.
Except for just one, Ďcause she is too bossy.
But ignorance is bliss, or so someone said.
They all turn bossy, after their wed.
Donít rush in your choice, wait for another.
Look for a girl thatís just like your mother.