By Papaw  7/15/03


Eric must be smart at arithmetic's,

He added one to five and came up six.

Now itís school all day without any naps,

With recess and sports with the other chaps.


He shouldíve been born in the wild wild west.

With a big six gun and a leather vest.

If his gun didnít work, he wouldnít lose heart.

He would sit right down and take it apart.


But like Barney Fife, when the day is done.

He has no bullets for his big six gun.

Imagination he has by the ton.

Heíd invent a way to make crooks run.


Just the other day there were snakes we believe.

So he found a way to make them leave.

Why, wheels are the things that snakes fear most

So he spread them around from pillar to post.


He took all the cars from his toy box.

And now all of them are up on blocks.

Not a wheel on a rim or anything round.

Itís good dadís Lincoln could not be found.


Itís good that Eric is only six

Itíll take a year to stay ahead of his tricks.

Heís a rooten-tooten boy and full of fun.

Just keep him away from a real six gun.