By Rev. Dean Beaty   3/29/08


No more sorrow, no more crying.

No more death, no more sighing.

All our tears are wiped away.

With our Lord, eternal day.


Heís the light, Heís the lamb.

Heís eternal God, I AM.

No more fears, no more night.

In that city Heís the light.


No more illness, no more pain.

Everything will be made plain.

Eternal home, streets of gold.

We will never more grow old.


Friends of old, mansions bright,

Sin is gone, all is right.

Battles oíer, victíry won,

Crowned the King is Godís own Son.


Knees shall bow, His name confessed.

In white robes the saints are dressed.

Gates of pearls, endless days,

To our Lord, eternal praise.  


Tree of life, crystal fount,

The great King is paramount.

Corruption gone, no graveyard,

Sin and Satan will be barred.


Nail-pierced hands, pierced side,

Christís own sinless, spotless bride.

By His blood weíre justified,

Earthly bodies glorified.


Satan cast to the abyss.

Joy and peace for all is bliss.

Gone forever sin and pride,

Jesus Christ is magnified.


Trumpet sound, home at last,

At His feet our crowns are cast.

We donít know it may be near,

When our Savior will appear.


Have you been washed in the flood,

At the cross in Jesusí blood?

Salvationís gift you can claim,

If youíll call upon His name.