Hosea 10:12

By Rev. Dean Beaty  4/1/08


“Break up your fallow ground: for it is time to seek the Lord.”

This is the message to our heart that must not be ignored.

Too long our hearts have been unplowed, no tilling of the ground.

No harvest of God’s golden grain.  No blessing to be found.


God says our hearts are as the soil, just like a farmers’ field.

If the ground’s not broken up it will not have a yield.

Because the cares of daily life take a thieving toll,

From time to time God seeks to stir our lethargetic soul.


Our job, our school, we’re ever pressed and always on the run.

There are things of little worth, although they seem like fun.

We’re always moving onward, in hope of some new quest.

Forgetting more important things.  Eternal, these are best


Our souls become like fallow ground, unbroken and unsown.

Then before much time goes by our hearts are hard as stone.

God’s word, as seed, just cannot grow, no nourishment is found.

Wake up, because the hour is late.  Break up the fallow ground.