By Rev. Dean Beaty  2/20/08
I read of man’s vile cruelty,
As Jesus died on Calvary.
There on the cross He died for sin,
While hated so by sinful men.
No cursing rant came from His lip,
As flesh was torn by cruel whip.
And as they nailed His hands feet,
His look of love their eyes did meet.
“Father, forgive this sinful crew.”
“They do not know just what they do.”
And then one with the Lord that day
Turned to the Savior, this to say.
“Lord, I deserve my penalty.’
“But please I ask, remember me.”
Because Christ made the sacrifice,
He too would enter paradise.
So as the blood flowed from His vein,
He too was washed from sin and stain.
And one of them gave Him this laud.
“Surely this was the Son of God.”
Have you my friend called on His name,
To free your soul from sin and shame?
The price is paid.  Why would you wait?
Receive His love before too late.