F I R S T    P L A C E  

Matthew 6:33

By Rev. Dean Beaty  4/4/08


Who or what deserves to be given the first place?

There’s something or someone we put into that space.

Now here’s a teaching that to some may think odd.

Jesus said, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God.”


Dare I say we worship that which we love most?

It could be earth’s gold or the God of heaven’s host.

What do you think about when you first awake?

Is it seeking God or how much you can make?


Just what am I saying?  Put this to the test.

What in all of life do we think is best?

Which do we love first?  Which do we love less?

Perhaps it’s God who’s second, if we would confess?


Here then is a challenge, I hope you will agree.

Take another look at the cross of Calvary.

Who loved you the most when you were lost in sin?

Whose Son died for you, eternal life to win?


If everyday, for God’s word we have a thirst.

To all it will be clear who has come in first.

God’s love within our heart will be spread abroad.

If we would “seek first, the kingdom of our God.”