II Timothy 2:22 & Psalm 119:11

By Rev. Dean Beaty   4/4/08


If you would stand before the Lord avoid this awful mess.

“Flee also youthful lust and follow righteousness.”

Timothy, a young preacher, could surely fight the fight.

Paul gave him instruction to win with God’s great might.


Even preacher aren’t exempt, temptation’s everywhere.

The devil as a lion devours those unaware.

God’s word is our protection for the Christian heart.

It will defeat the tempter and quench his fiery dart.


“Thy Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against Thee.”

This is David’s message, Paul adds that some should “flee.”

Keep your eyes from evil, don’t let it tantalize.

In Psalm 1-0-1 verse three, “Don’t set them before your eyes.”


He didn’t have a T.V. set or theater in his town.

But he knew about temptation and meant to shut it down.

We all must be so careful this is true for any age.

You better “flee” temptation or with sin you will engage.