Luke 9:55-62

By Rev. Dean Beaty    4/24/08


When one man offered to follow the Lord,

He was attached by a strong family cord.

“Let me first go and bury my dad.”

Jesus said, “Let the dead bury the dead.”


Christ was not cruel, just putting it straight.

Choose for the Lord before it’s too late.

The call of God upon someone’s heart,

Is easily lost and soon will depart.


Christ knew his heart.  The dad was not dead.

‘Twas just an excuse to stay home instead.

To follow the Lord, one must give all.

Be ready for this to heed the Lord’s call.


Christ then adds this to keep us on track,

“When plowing a field, do not look back.”

Commitment to Christ is a serious thing.

He’s to be all.  To Him we’re to cling.