By Rev. Dean Beaty   2/26/08
Oh praise the Lord I have been set free.
My sins have been cast in the depths of the sea.
Behind His back to remember no more.
Oh praise the Lord, they are gone evermore.
Yet how the devil would like to recall,
Every temptation that caused me to fall.
Now when he tries to bring them to mind,
I just remind him theyíre all left behind.
Now Heavenís gate I will enter someday.
Because my sins have been all washed away.
There by His mercy I know Iím forgiven.
Ever to live with my Lord up in Heaven.
This is the hope that we have from Godís Word.
Forgiven, forgotten, of this Iím assured.
The joy that is mine you can have just the same,
If you will just trust Him and call on His name.