By   Dean  Beaty  6/17/04

Where have they all gone?  The years flee away.
Forty have past by, since that wonderful day.
We stood all alone and pledging our love.
Praying that we would be blessed from above.

                   We promised to love and hold to just one.

Itís still true today.  That how it begun.
Love undivided and growing each day,
Canít be diminished or taken away.
To love isnít hard, when two hearts are one.
Knit to each other and others we shun.
If God should provide us forty years more,
My love will still grow, for her I adore.
Nothing is perfect in this world below.
But putting her first will cause love to grow.
Forgiveness and kindness, forgetting the errors
Where wheat or love grows thereís also some tares.
Much faith and trusting will go a long way,
To keep you together at the end of the day.
What makes it work, to love to the end?
Knowing that your wife is also your friend.