II Kings 5

By Rev. Dean Beaty   4/08/08


Gehazi was Elisha’s servant and probably quite young.

His name’s a little difficult to rap around your tongue.

He was near when Naaman returned from the Jordan River.

Grateful to be cured of leprosy, he wanted to be a giver.


Not to confuse the grace of God with that which can be bought.

Elisha refused Naaman’s gifts of gold and this was as he ought.

So much gold and beautiful clothes the value was unknown.

Gehazi coveted it and made a plan to make it all his own.


When Naaman left with all that wealth Gehazi was close behind.

Then he lied because of greed.  “Elisha has changed his mind.”

With all this wealth he’d be someone as rich as he could be.

But Elisha knew and said to him, “Went not my heart with thee?”


Sin does not pay; hear what God said, “Your sin will find you out.”

He coveted that which Naaman had.  It would give him so much clout.

He lied and schemed, became a thief so he could get ahead.

It didn’t end as he had thought.  He got Naaman’s leprosy instead.


Wealth is not bad in itself.  How one obtains it can be sin.

The love of money will lead to sin and corrupt the heart within.

Be content with what God gives.  Work hard for what you gain.

If you try to get rich quick you will just end up in pain.