11/14/2002 by Dean


Of all the things that come our way,

And shape our lives from day to day.

None could be of greater worth,

Than from the one who gave us birth.


Then add to that a love for God,

And at times a chastening rod.

With prayer and praise to start the day,

Her own will know the proper way.


This you gave with loving care,

And at all times, for them, were there,

To listen to their cares and woes,

And like a bear to fight their foes.


Such wondrous blessings from above,

To know the warmth of your great love.

For all your heart you gave each day,

And by example showed the way.


No greater gift could any give,

Than for her own to serve and live.

Iím thankful God has given me,

Your love and help and loyalty.