Luke 7:36-50  By Rev. Dean Beaty  3/15/08
There was one who had come to wash Jesus’ feet,
Not just with water but love so compete.
She bathed His feet with ointment and tears.
Then dried them off with her long flowing hair.
The host looked on in shock and in awe.
Didn’t Christ know that she kept not the law?
She was a sinner in total disgrace.
He would not tolerate her in his place.
If Christ were a prophet, this He should know.
Why doesn’t He stop her and tell her to go?
Christ did not stop her but gave her release.
“Thy faith hath saved thee, go now in peace.”
By some we are seen as sinners impure.
The kind the Pharisees have to endure.
God sees a sinner for whom Jesus died.
And welcomes him home with arms open wide.