God Has a Purpose

Matthew 10:30

By Rev. Dean Beaty    5/16/08


When feeling alone of this be assured.

“The hairs of your head, they are numbered.”

Abandoned by friends in your time of need,

Your heavenly Father will always take heed.


If He knows the hairs that grow on your head,

Then He knows your fears and things that you dread.

Yes, He knows them all.  To these He’s not blind.

He loves you too much to ever be unkind.


We do not know why trials come our way.

But He’ll make it known on that glorious day.

There in His presence He’ll show very clear,

When times were so dark our Savior was near.


When crying and tears have been all set aside,

We’ll see how His name was thus glorified.

No greater purpose can ever be found,

Then with glory and praise our Savior is crowned.