Matthew 10:29  By Rev. Dean Beaty   3/3/08


A farthing was the least of coins.  It did not have much worth.

And yet a sparrow, worth the same, God sees fall to the earth.

The illustration Jesus made, comparing it to men.

Shows how much more we mean to God, a trillion more times ten.


Of course there is no measurement that fathoms Godís great love.

Therefore to show His love for man, Christ left His home above.

Christ was Godís gift of love and grace to every race of men.

He is redemptionís perfect price to save mankind from sin.


Of how much value man must be, to pay this wondrous price.

To think, that God would give His Son to be this sacrifice.

If God will note a sparrowís fall, when Heís so occupied,

Then how much more, the fall of man, for whom the Savior died.


Sometimes we feel Godís far away and no one seems to care.

Or that our problems are too small to bother Him in prayer.

If God still cares for sparrows, then this, my friend is true.

God still loves and cares for you and what youíre going through.